Acquiring Licenses for a New Italian Restaurant

One of the key steps in the process of establishing a new Italian restaurant is that of acquiring licenses. In today’s article, we will be highlighting some of the key licenses you need to have, while establishing a new Italian restaurant. We will also make a few remarks on what you need to do, to acquire the respective licenses. Worth mentioning at this point is the fact that licensing requirements vary from one area to another. Thus, for instance, the licenses you may need to have, to establish an Italian restaurant in the US may be somehow different from what you’d need to have to establish an Italian restaurant in the UK. But generally, in most places, you need to meet the following licensing requirements:

Business permit/business registration

You need to have government approval, for the Italian restaurant to operate as a business. Usually, the local authorities in the charge of the area where you will be setting up the Italian restaurant are the ones who issue these permits. You just have to pay the requisite business permit fees.

Food handling license for the establishment

Food handling is a sensitive affair. Therefore, the premises where you will be opening the new Italian restaurant will probably have to be inspected. This is what will culminate in the issuance of the food handling license of the establishment.

Food handling licenses for the staff

Other than the food handling license for the establishment, the staff who will be working at the new Italian restaurant will need to be trained on proper food handling. This is what should culminate in the issuance of their individual food handling licenses.

Fire safety license

A restaurant is an environment where there are potential fire hazards. You therefore need to acquire firefighting equipment. The equipment then has to be inspected, culminating in the issuance of a fire safety license. Of course, you don’t need to invest in very expensive firefighting equipment. In fact, the amount of money you need to spend on the firefighting equipment is likely to be very modest. It is the sort of thing you can quite comfortably finance using gift card cash! Like if you have a $100 gift card – and you have really confirmed this by checking the Mygiftcardsite balance — that should be enough to finance the purchase of the firefighting equipment. So, with such a gift card, you just go to the Mygiftcardsitesign in screen, log in, check the balance – and then use the funds to purchase firefighting equipment. The point we are trying to make here is that the firefighting equipment you need to buy for an Italian restaurant is not likely to be very costly. The authorities just want to be sure that you have some basic firefighting capacity, before issuing you with a license for your Italian restaurant.