Acquiring Uniforms for Your Italian Restaurant Staff

It makes a lot of sense for you to consider acquiring uniforms for your Italian restaurant staff. That is because restaurant staff tend to look more elegant (and professional) when they are uniformed. Furthermore, when the restaurant staff members are uniformed, it becomes easier to identify them. This can be a critical consideration if your Italian restaurant is a busy one – you know, the sort of restaurant where, at peak time, it becomes hard to differentiate the staff members from the customers. In any event, when you acquire uniforms for your restaurant staff, you create the impression that yours is a ‘well established restaurant’. Conversely, if you have a restaurant where the staff members aren’t uniformed, it sends the signal that yours is a ‘poorly established restaurant’.

In the process of acquiring uniforms for your Italian restaurant staff, you need to:

  1. Make a decision on the uniform color(s)
  2. Make a decision on how the uniforms are to be designed
  3. Sell the idea of having a uniform to your restaurant staff
  4. Take the staff members’ measurements
  5. Identify the uniforms vendor you are to give the contract to
  6. Award the contract for uniform design
  7. Wait for the uniforms to be delivered

It is critical to make arrangements for regular laundry of the uniforms, once they are delivered. You may consider having a washing machine at the restaurant, where the uniforms (alongside the kitchen aprons, table spread and other items) can be washed. You can order for the washing machine online. You will just need to provide your restaurant’s physical address, where the washing machine can be shipped to. Don’t worry about the payments logistics: as long as you have a credit card – any sort of credit card – you can use it to pay for the washing machine. If you don’t have a credit card, you can opt to get my offer at This, of course, only applies if you have a decent credit score. It is all about responding to the capital one credit card offer. Then, once you have the credit card, you can use it to order for a washing machine online. Subsequently, you can be using the machine to wash your Italian restaurant’s staff uniform. That is definitely a better idea than having the staff members make private arrangements for laundry of their uniform.