How to Retain Staff in Your Italian Restaurant

The success of your Italian restaurant will depend, to a great extent, on the caliber of employees you hire to help you run the establishment. You will therefore need to spare no efforts, in trying to recruit the best people. And having managed to recruit the best people, you will need to do everything you can to retain them. This is because, generally speaking, the restaurants with the best employee retention rates also tend to be the most successful restaurants. Thus the success of your Italian restaurant will depend on your ability to retain employees. If your employee turnover rates are high, chances are that you will also have difficulties retaining customers.

In order to be able to retain staff in your Italian restaurant, you will need to:

Create a positive working environment

This is arguably the most important thing you can do, if you want to retain staff in your Italian restaurant. You need to create a relaxed, flexible – yet efficient – workplace. You need to ensure that the employees are given instructions respectfully, and that every member of staff is polite to his colleagues. You need to create channels through which the employees can air their grievances. That is better than having an environment where employees keep on grumbling to one another.

Pay your staff well

You will need to pay your Italian restaurant employees the best possible wages for their labor. This way, they won’t be easily poached by better paying competitors. You also need to have a transparent system for calculating your employee’s paychecks. To this end, you can set up a web-based my employee login portal where your staff can be signing in to view their pay stubs – and how those paystubs have been arrived at.

Pay your staff on time

Besides paying your staff well, you also need to ensure that you pay them on time. Remember, the objective is to ensure that your Italian restaurant employees are as comfortable as they can possibly be. If the staff members are comfortable, they may end up working in your Italian restaurant for decades: because they won’t see any logical reason to leave. In the meantime, they will be getting ever more proficient at their various tasks. Furthermore, they will, with time, develop a sense of ownership in the establishment. And the end-result will be better output.