Recruiting Chefs for an Italian Restaurant

The success of your Italian restaurant depends, to a great extent, on the caliber of chefs you manage to recruit. You therefore need to put in your best efforts when recruiting chefs. You simply can’t afford to end up with mediocre chefs. You therefore need to ensure that you get every step in the recruitment process right. The actual process of recruiting chefs for an Italian restaurant is one that has three major steps, namely:

  1. Advertising the chef job vacancies: you have to make it known that you are hiring Italian restaurant chefs, for interested people to apply. Once people know that you are hiring such chefs, they will be inclined to apply for the positions (or to tell others about the job openings). You of course also have the option of headhunting, or poaching a chef from another establishment. In that case, you wouldn’t have to advertise the position. But advertising has its advantages – in that you get a huge pool of applicants to choose from. At this stage, you can set up a website where interested applicants can submit their applications online. You can have a login mechanism on the site – similar to the paycomonline login mechanism that people have to go through, before being able to access the paycomonline portal. Upon logging in, they can proceed to submit their applications for the Italian restaurant chef job vacancies.
  2. Short-listing the applicants for the chef job openings: after receiving the applications for the chef positions, the next stage would be that of short-listing the applicants. But if the number of applications you receive is modest, you can opt to subject all of them to interviews – meaning that in this case, you wouldn’t have to undertake the short-listing bit.
  3. Interviewing the applicants for the chef positions: it is ideal to have a two-phase interview. In the first phase, you have an oral interview – where you get to know more about the applicants and their backgrounds, as well as their attitudes towards the job. Then in the second phase, you can have a practical interview, where you get the applicants to prepare various types of dishes, so as to gauge their aptitude for the job.