Training Italian Restaurant Staff

Having hired new staff for your Italian restaurant, it is important to take them through a training program. You should ideally have a system where no staff member is deployed before being taken through the training program. That applies even if the newly-hired staff member is actually someone who has decades of experience, and who has worked at other well-regarded establishments. Thus, regardless of the profile of the new hires, they should all be taken through training programs, before being deployed. Some of the things to focus on, while training Italian restaurant staff include:

  1. The restaurant’s operational systems: so the focus here is on getting the new staff members to understand how things are done in your specific Italian restaurant. Each restaurant is expected to have a system (a way of getting work done), and that is what you focus on, while training your new staff. They may be used to other systems where they were working. By training them on your operational system, you bring them up to speed with your way of doing things. So you need to train them on things like your work schedules, how staff in your Italian restaurant relate to with each other, your dressing code, your organizational culture… and so on. Some of the staff may be coming from bigger companies. You may, for instance, be looking at a fellow who was previously working for a company like PepsiCo. So that would be a fellow who is used to PepsiCo’s way of doing things – including the ultra-flexible Mypepsico schedule. It can be hard to convert that person from big-company mentality to small restaurant mentality. This, after all, is a person who was used to simply visiting the PepsiCo HR portal, at each time they wanted to access their work related resources. Getting him to be used to the way things are done in small establishments (like your Italian restaurant) would surely take quite a bit of training.
  2. Customer service: new staff members need to be trained on the right customer service mindsets. The objective is to ensure that your customers consistently have positive experiences, regardless of the specific staff members who attend to them.
  3. The core tasks: if it is a waiter you have hired, you need to train him on how to wait the tables in the right manner. If it is a chef you have hired, you need to train him on how to prepare dishes in the right manner. So two things are critical here. You firstly get the staff to (simply) understand their job descriptions. Then you get them to understand how they can implement those job descriptions properly.